forty days

The last few weeks flew by with our days full of ministry activities and our move.

This is our first Lenten season with daddy as a parish pastor of a congregation. As a child, I grew up across the street from our local congregation where I thought I had a good grasp of all the ‘behind the scenes’ efforts of a stateside congregation, until now. My deep respect for pastors and their families has grown exponentionally since our arrival, but especially the past 40 days as we prepare our journey to the cross to the empty tomb. Much planning, coordinating and doing are woven into Lent.

Our two little ones squeal with excitement when they hear daddy unlock the door and jump into his arms. Many of the nights they are in bed when he comes home. They are convinced he sleeps at church, even though he does give them a good night kiss when they are fast asleep.

Our move to another part of the city was a success! As soon as the keys to our new rental home were in hand, we did a thorough walk through while video documenting a list of repairs needed. Then it was time to deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms.

The next day, a few members from church came to pack the kitchen and move the items from our smaller rental house to our new one. After a long day, we spent the first night in our new home.

The first few days, we tried to unpack as many boxes as possible from the garage to make room for items from our storage unit. One morning, a volunteer group from one of our high schools in Michigan moved two loads from our storage unit to our house. Thank you, MLHS!

We have most of the boxes opened and furniture assembled. Some things ended up repacked as we downsize. We still have a load or two in the storage unit we need to move. We hope to tackle that sometime after Easter.

We are truly blessed and loved by our Lord.

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