winter solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year. I don’t think the winter solstice has ever meant as much to me as it does now.  We enjoyed five hours, 27 minutes, and 48 seconds of daylight today. The sun rose at 10:13 am and set at 3:41 pm, losing six seconds of light compared to yesterday.  Tomorrow, we gain six seconds! The days will slowly grow longer. Yeah!

It is a challenge waking up in the dark and also eating supper in the dark.  We came from the sunny skies of the desert in El Paso. The sun, moon and stars were key elements in our little ones schedules.  They miss that and are still trying to figure out where the sun is for most of the time.  My guess is that they will be in search of the moon in the summer.

We appreciate electric lights, especially a happy lamp from our friends. Turning lights on and playing music helps get us going in the morning.  Do you have any tricks or ideas to help our transition from the sunny desert in Texas to the winter darkness in Alaska?



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