Our family of four headed back into the Canadian Rocky Mountains today from Fort St. John. The first couple hours of our drive were long with fluctuating speed limits and large logging trucks. The sky was cloudy with scattered rain showers.

  • Note from our guide MILEPOST: The mile markers were removed and replaced with kilometer markers in 1975 when Canada switched over to the metric system.  There was also a discrepancy of where the markers began counting. We soon realized that not every kilometer is actually marked, but every five.

After Fort Nelson, the landscapes and altitude changed. We saw a herd of deer as we headed into mountainous terrain.  We looked but didn’t see any stone sheep, bison or bear. Our search did find one caribou tucked in the brush.

The view of Summit Lake with its highest peak at 4,250 ft. and McDonald River were breathtaking.  The winding turns, stone cliffs, trickling creeks and distant snow capped peaks were an amazing sight to see.

At this time of the year, accomodation is limited as many places are closed for the season. After 353.7 miles / 569.2 km, we arrived at Toad River Lodge at Historic Mile Marker 422 or 647.4 km marker.