This morning we headed to the Banff Visitor Center to get updates on trail conditions of Johnston Canyon. The agent confirmed the trail was in poor condition due to snow and ice. She suggested to rent ice cleats at a sporting good shop a couple blocks away. As newbies to the Canadian Rockies, we were quick to follow her recommendation.

After our rental pick up, we drove 30 minutes to Johnston Canyon. Then we bundled up in winter gear and tried to remember the store clerk’s 30-second demonstration on how to attach the ice cleats to our shoes. With much success, we were set to go.

The 3 km trail is a paved catwalk in the canyon overlooking Johnston’s Creek. The views are beautiful and lead to a low tunnel opening to the Lower Falls. We were amazed with the clarity of the water. The ice cleats helped a lot on the little icy hills of the trail. Other tourists, who didn’t have cleats, slid all over the trail and had difficulty climbing up small inclines.

The kids enjoyed crawling on the rocks of the canyon and sliding around when possible.  We spent a bit longer on the trail today as they were having so much fun.