day 2: trek to ak

After a hearty breakfast, we drove many miles on I-25 today. Our starting point was Las Vegas, NM and we stopped for the night in Ft. Collins, CO (390 miles).

The waking temperature was 38 F, rising to 58 F during the day. It is a bit chilly compared to our 90 F El Pasoan weather.

The first few hours were a straight drive with the Rockies one side and flat fields for grazing cattle on the other.  We stopped at a rest area to run around a bit and saw Capulin Volcano in the distance. As we entered Colorado, the terrain changed a bit. The roads were curvy, climbing up and down in altitude with big green trees painting the hills and mountains. Beautiful landscaping framed major cities of  Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver.

Our toddlers were great little travelers as they enjoyed counting cows, eating snacks in the car (a very special event) and watching VeggieTales. We are thankful to the Lord for another day of safe travels.





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pastor's wife. mother. volunteer. communicator. photographer. artist. designer. promoter. teacher. public speaker. gardener. adventurist.

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