here we go

Early this morning the doorbell rang. It was Manny, Willie and Jose, our packing crew.  They toured the house, asked questions, took notes and began bringing in all the boxes, tape, and different kinds of packaging material.

After a rare heavy rain, grandpa arrived to watch our little ones. Right now, the house is full of empty boxes waiting to be filled, an ideal playland for our toddlers. Grandpa is doing a great job keeping them distracted outdoors.

The packing crew is sheduled to be here for two days. I hope they leave the beds up for us to sleep on tonight.





embracing the unknown

Exactly five years ago, I woke up and left my home in Mexico, not knowing if I would be coming back.

I had a trip pre-scheduled as an independent contractor for international communications. The night before my departure, my husband, Natán, shared details of a security situation that occured. My husband, I and the other missionary couple living in Puebla, Mexico needed to leave temporarily.

I said good-bye to Natán at the airport, not knowing where or when I would see him again with the remote thought “if” I would ever see him again. During my flight, I wrote pages and pages of thoughts, hopes, and most importantly prayers to God.

After I departed, my husband and fellow missionaries left Puebla to spend a few days in Mexico City. During that time, I shared our current situation with my parents and no one else. Those days were rough, being apart from my husband and not knowing what was happening.

As details transpired, the decision was made to depart Puebla permanently. Natán and I were reunited when he arrived safely to Milwaukee, Wisconsin days later.  It was an extremely joyful day for me!

We waited to find out, ‘what’s next.’  Three months later, my husband’s role in Latin America missions and our residency were determined so we could move forward.

The first year was a challenge for me as a missionary wife, no longer living overseas and not fitting in or belonging in the USA. Six months of living out of suitcases and staying with family and friends was a blessing, but also a struggle. ‘When can we go home? Where are we going to serve?  Where are we going to live? What are we going to do?’  The uncertainty was a daily struggle. It brought us closer together as a couple rooted in Christ, drawing us nearer to our Savior.

Today, our lives are drastically different than five years ago. The dust settled and we adapted to our new role and location. Now we are on the move again… with two toddlers!

We are thankful to the Lord for his deliverance and guidance. We cling to the one thing that remains the same, salvation in our Savior and enjoy sharing that confidence with everyone we meet. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!



Adapted & reposted from previous blogsite “Jesus, Lead Us On.”


one step forward, two steps back

This month is full of “to do” lists.  It seems that every time I cross one thing off my list, two or three more things are added.  The major categories include: declutter and clean house to sell, follow up on quotes from moving companies, find a furnished short-term place to live, investigate storage options, sort & deliver donations to women’s shelter, take my son to the ER after a fall at the playground, play phone tag with family about dad’s knee surgery & post op complications, say good-bye to good friends, wrap up medical and therapy appointments, etc…

As an organized perfectionist… this is not an easy task.  I know my accomplishments are endless each day, but all I can think of are all the things I haven’t done yet. Have you ever been here?

Well… this week I reached a major turning point. With much prayer, I’ve been working hard to ‘Let go & let God.” It is much easier to say than put into practice. I find myself filling each day with little prayers of thanksgiving for little triumphs and requests for strength, patience, understanding and perseverance. Long pauses and deep breaths are also highly recommended!

The Lord has sprinkled little bits of love and kindness to me. A favorite song on the radio. A voicemail from a special friend. Text messages from old and new friends. Emails from members from our new congregation. Encouragement from local friends. Tight hugs from my babies. Help from family. Bible verses reminding me to trust in the Lord. All these things put smiles on my face and pure joy in my heart!

We have a week and a half left of this whirlwind till we embark upon our new cross-country adventure!  Stay tuned for more.

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our next move

It’s been a week and the call decision has set in.  We are moving to Alaska… in a month!

Where do we begin… A list of random thoughts is constantly running through my mind. Items to donate, items to sell, items to keep and a few things to toss continue to be captured on handwritten post-it-notes around the house. Short glances at realty websites sneak in between reading books and playing games with our little ones.

I am normally an organized and logical planner, but this unexpected move has me spinning in circles.  I want to do “A” but first I must do “B” yet my husband needs to do “C” before we can even begin to think about “D” that needs to happen before we start anything as we try to fit in “M” through “Z.”

All the tasks and projects that need to be done in the next 30 days will be a challenge, but I know the Lord will work it all out for our good.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. – Proverbs 16:9





cowboy boots for snowshoes

Our family spent the past two years making El Paso, Texas our home. A new house, new neighbors, new congregation, new grocery stores, new doctors, new therapists, new venues for toddlers, new restaurants and a new environment: the desert. All the little things that need to be established to “settle in.”

At first, it was a bit of an adjustment to the hot climate and rocky landscape but it didn’t take long to love this unique corner of the world. El Paso is a mixture of many things including the language. Many of my conversations include a mezcla of English and Spanish words or phrases. The people of this special border town welcomed us with genuine love and kindness. They are now family.

Last month, my husband received an unexpected call while he was out-of-town. A divine call to serve as an associate pastor in Anchorage, Alaska. The deliberation process began. My husband looked at how his God-given gifts & experience fit the needs of his current call as a world missionary coordinating projects & resources for Spanish ministries and the new call as a bilingual pastor for a local stateside congregation. Phone calls, text messages, emails and conversations with fellow pastors, ministry leaders, friends and family filled up our days and thoughts.

After four weeks of prayer, the Holy Spirit led my husband to accept the call to Anchorage. We are moving to Alaska!

These moments are bittersweet, as we will deeply miss our El Pasoan family while looking forward to meeting our new friends on The Great Frontier.

Join us in our journey as we move north, from the desert to snow-covered mountains!





another journey begins

Our family is about to embark upon a new opportunity together.

My first flight in an airplane was during my time at university. My destination was the South Pacific with a five month stay in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. My interest in foreign lands, languages & cultures grew with endless adventures around the world. I lived in Japan, Malawi, Dominican Republic and Mexico with shorter visits to South Korea, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Spain, Cuba, Brazil, and Greece. The majority of these journeys were ministry related sprinkled with stints of longer stays in the USA in between assignments. My most treasured blessing from all of these amazing opportunities is my husband, who I met in the Dominican Republic. We married nine years ago. We adopted our two foster children and became a forever family of four.

Stay tuned for more details on why and where we are going!