2018 reflections

The last day of the year. Our family’s 2018 was full of adventures.  Roadtrips, family & friend visits, birthdays & wedding celebrations, multi-language work in Latin America, a move from the desert to snow covered mountains, three homes in three months, new congregational ministry, new faces & places, earthquake, dust, snow, wildlife and many thingsContinue reading “2018 reflections”

embracing the unknown

Exactly five years ago, I woke up and left my home in Mexico, not knowing if I would be coming back. I had a trip pre-scheduled as an independent contractor for international communications. The night before my departure, my husband, Natán, shared details of a security situation that occured. My husband, I and the other missionary coupleContinue reading “embracing the unknown”

one step forward, two steps back

This month is full of “to do” lists.  It seems that every time I cross one thing off my list, two or three more things are added.  The major categories include: declutter and clean house to sell, follow up on quotes from moving companies, find a furnished short-term place to live, investigate storage options, sortContinue reading “one step forward, two steps back”

cowboy boots for snowshoes

Our family spent the past two years making El Paso, Texas our home. A new house, new neighbors, new congregation, new grocery stores, new doctors, new therapists, new venues for toddlers, new restaurants and a new environment: the desert. All the little things that need to be established to “settle in.” At first, it wasContinue reading “cowboy boots for snowshoes”