Winter has arrived. The temperatures have plummeted to the single digits and even to negative numbers this past week.  The still silence is broken by the chattering of our teeth whenever we are outdoors. The littles ones are trained.  When someone says, “it is so cold out,” their response “welcome to Alaska!” There is an amazing beautyContinue reading “frozen”

2018 reflections

The last day of the year. Our family’s 2018 was full of adventures.  Roadtrips, family & friend visits, birthdays & wedding celebrations, multi-language work in Latin America, a move from the desert to snow covered mountains, three homes in three months, new congregational ministry, new faces & places, earthquake, dust, snow, wildlife and many thingsContinue reading “2018 reflections”

trauma & transition

As residents of Anchorage, we continue to experience the earthquake aftermath of aftershocks in our daily routines. I believe the ongoing count has surpassed 2,000 since Friday’s 7.0 quake, some registering as high as a magnitude of 5.4 with most being 2.0 or lower. Our little ones cry when the house shakes. They don’t wantContinue reading “trauma & transition”