welcome 2021

What happened to 2020?

Celebrate the beginning of a new decade.

Congregation decides to close elementary school. Take husband to hospital with chest pains with lots of testing and probing. He receives a clean bill of health after two nights’ stay at the hospital. Big brother celebrates 6th birthday with friends and dinosaurs. Close on a new house. Corona virus sneaks in during spring break. Move to our new home (4th move in AK). Future kindergartener and first grader are selected for French Immersion Program at Elementary School through lottery. Mandates settle in. Take on many remodel projects in our new home. School is at home. Worship remotely online. Celebrate Holy Week and Easter at home. Cancel summer camps. Meet wonderful neighbors/new friends on our street. Take expected trip to WI to visit Gaga and Papa. Papa has successful medical procedure. Spend time on cousin’s farm. Quarantine for two weeks after travel. Go dipnetting with fellow pastors and teachers. Papa W visits. Hike K’esugi Ken Mountain. Visit to Denali National Park. Pick blueberries. Little ones learn to ride balance bikes. Begin first day of school online via Zoom. Mama teaches Spanish to preschoolers at congregation’s preschool. Covid cases rise in Alaska, mandates increase, school remains online (throughout first semester.) Decide to withdraw from French Immersion Program (a decision made with extremely heavy hearts) due to high volume of screen time. Begin to homeschool our 5- & 6-year-olds. Spend much time together outside and as a family. Attend pastor & teacher conference in Fairbanks. Enjoy time with fellow called worker families. Search for Northern Lights. Visit the North Pole. Celebrate Sweet Pea’s 6th birthday with unicorns. Celebrate the birth of the Savior with congregation members at church, mandate allows church at 50% capacity. Ring in new year at church and ready to move forward in God’s grace in 2021.

Published by Jeweliah

pastor's wife. mother. volunteer. communicator. photographer. artist. designer. promoter. teacher. public speaker. gardener. adventurist.

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