Two weeks ago, I felt a pain on the inner corner of my left knee. I monitored it daily as the pain grew and the area became red and warm to touch. The symptoms were similar to the initial blood clot that formed on the inner thigh of my right knee. I continue to take blood thinner daily, so the formation of a blood clot would be unlikely, possible. I made appointment at the laser vein clinic to get it checked out.

My clinic visit began with an in-depth consultation, measurements and photos followed by an ultrasound on both legs. The results were fantastic! Double and triple checked-no blood clots! The procedure was a success and everything is healing. The pain and redness in my leg is from the ablation and my body is absorbing the man made clot.

My legs feel amazing, No more aches, pains or cramps. My current treatment is blood thinner and compression stockings until my next check up in a month. God be praised for healing!