three houses

Have you ever felt like you were in three places at the same time? At least in your mind? This week, we are dealing with three houses.

# 1 Our current rental house is going on the market in April. Today, we had a visit from a real estate agent and continue packing everything up.

#2 Our upcoming rental duplex doesn’t have any window coverings. The owner agreed to work with us on a budget for the 19 windows. I put together an estimate for different blackout options as we are entering the sun season. We found out today, the owner will put up hardware for curtains only. Good news, hardware installation will be done before our move. Sad news, black out blinds weren’t selected.

#3 After six months, we received an offer on our 2 yr old home in El Paso, Texas! We are in the inspection stage, which went mostly well. We have a list of minor repairs which is a challenge to do 3,500+ miles away.

Many “to-do” lists this week! Can’t wait until the move is complete and house is sold! It is an amazing feeling to finally feel moving forward to getting settled. We are still one away from our next home, but much closer!

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