During the past month, the snowflakes fell in abundance. It was beautiful and dry.  The dryness took some of the chill out of the air. We spent lots of time playing and sledding in the snow.  We shoveled snow daily, often several times a day.

Winter driving in Anchorage was a new experience. After a fresh snowfall, it takes a while for the city to clear the secondary roads. The snow piled up on the street of our neighborhood.  It was deep and our van, equipped with snow tires, slid along as I tried following the ruts of previous vehicles. As we entered the main streets and highways, they were much clearer. 

The tricky part is the temperature hovers around freezing and forms ice below the snow. It makes for a pretty slick drive. Instead of school cancellations for snow days, in Anchorage we have ice days.

It appears that the city uses oversized construction equipment to remove snow off the roads instead of snow plows.  The graters come to pile or organize the snow to the middle of the road. Then equipment similiar to a corn chopper comes to scoop it up and blow the snow into a line up of dump trucks. The kids and I find this fascinating and watch them everytime.