ethnicity reveal

This week, our family of four completed and submitted samples for DNA genetic testing. The genetic analysis requires a vial of salvia, which can be an almost impossible task for a young toddler so we decided to wait until our little ones were a bit older.

My husband I found it a struggle ourselves to fill up the vial. No food or drink 30 minutes prior to “submission.” Big & Sweet Pea did a great job. It took a while, but they were persistent. We encouraged them to rub the outside of their cheeks while thinking of their favorite foods. I also had them smell some lemon YL Essential Oil. It worked and 30 mintues later, the vials were sealed and ready to go.

So far, the laboratory has confirmed the arrival of Big’s sample, we are still waiting for confirmations of mommy, daddy & Sweet Pea’s. They estimated 3-4 weeks for the results.

Adoption is a tremendous blessing for the four of us. We can’t wait to learn more about each other! Stay tuned for our results…

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