in the dark

We moved into our rental house in November. Since our arrival, the bulbs of the track lighting in the living room have played electrical chairs (taking turns flickering on and off). The daily aftershocks add movement to their placement. One day, they all decided to stay off, after some crackling and shedding a few sparks.  At that moment, we notified the landlord and relied on sunlight a few hours and a lamp and moonlight (we are still waiting for blinds or curtains) for the rest of the time. Big and Sweet Pea love it as it is the perfect place to play flashlight games.

This morning, the electician arrived. As he climbed the ladder, he already figured out the problem, but wanted to do an inspection before confirming.  The transformer was missing a part which left a loose connection and effected the entire fixture. It is no longer in working condition or safe to use.

Until the landlord purchases a new light fixture and contracts the electrician to install, we will continue to enjoy the moonlight and flashlight fun!










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