no more iced coffee

Mamas with children can relate to pouring a hot cup of coffee, only to find yourself drinking it  hours later COLD.  This happens to me on a daily basis.  I set out with the best intentions to enjoy my hot latte and then the requests begin.  “Mommy, can you read me a story?  Another one.  One more story pleassssse?”  “Mommy, can you fill up my water bottle?”  “Mommy, I spilled the paint.” “Mommy, I gotta go potty!” “Mommy will you play dinosaurs with me?” “Mommy, can we go outside and play in the snow?”  In the past, a minute in the microwave came to my rescue, but in our temporary rental house, no micro”wonder” is included.

I truly cherish all these precious moments with our little ones and have learned to drink cold coffee in our new home…  until today.  My husband brought home a microwave!  A generous family from our congregation offered to buy us a microwave as a gift. Alaska is home to many amazing people with amazing love, thoughtfulness and generosity.  Since we arrived, our hearts are flooded with warm hugs, prayers, gifts and help.

The transition from Texas to Alaska remains to be a challenge for our family, but the wonderful souls the Lord has put in our lives have made it a much easier adjustment. I find community to be a verb rather than a noun here in Anchorage and am thankful for all the little things that are a part of it, like a cup of hot coffee.



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pastor's wife. mother. volunteer. communicator. photographer. artist. designer. promoter. teacher. public speaker. gardener. adventurist.

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