Tonight, we saw our first moose outside our apartment. My husband was coming home from church around 10:00 pm. He texted and then called to let me know there was a bull moose right in front of our apartment door.

I slowly opened the door and saw the big moose licking the sidewalk. He looked at me and I slowly went up the stairs to the second floor for a better and safer view. Then I saw my husband on the other end of the sidewalk with the moose between us.

The moose slowly moved along the sidewalk, eating frozen berries from the tree. I went around the back of the building and joined my husband on the other second floor landing.

Both our little ones were asleep, but as soon as Sweet Pea heard me say “moose” she popped out of bed. We wrapped her up in a blanket and took her to the second floor to see her first moose while her brother Big remained in bed in a deep sleep.

The moose continued eating berries until he disappeared around the corner of the apartment.

What an amazing opportunity for our first moose sighting!