day 15: trek to ak

We started out dark & early with lots of snow. Out of our 15 travel days, this last day was the toughest. Our 326 mile drive from Tok, AK to Anchorage, AK took nine hours.

The snow was dry and thick. It was beautiful but difficult to drive through. The visibility was poor and fresh snow on the ground without a trail to follow.

After a couple hours, we thought we were done with it as we hit wet roads and sunny skies. That only lasted a short time until we reached a higher elevation and the snowy skies and ground returned. It cleared up a bit but returned for a second time in glacier country.

About 85 miles out of Anchorage, it cleared up. Cloudy skies and dry roads.

After we arrived at our temporary home, a member brought us a huge variety of food for tomorrow’s breakfast. Shortly afterwards, pastor and his family brought over dinner and pantry items from the congregation. Our toddlers had a wonderful time with them & cried when they left. What an amazing warm welcome!
We are thankful to the Lord for safe travels, a nice place to stay & wonderful new friends.

Published by Jeweliah

pastor's wife. mother. volunteer. communicator. photographer. artist. designer. promoter. teacher. public speaker. gardener. adventurist.

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