This morning we were blessed to worship at a congregation in our fellowship led by a dear friend of mine. He and his family served as missionaries in Malawi during the time I was there. It was wonderful to see them and catch up.

After visiting, we left Ft. Collins, CO and made it to Cody, WY (435 miles). Fog, cold rain and heavy wind accompanied most of today’s trip. There was little traffic heading north in comparison to the number of RV’s and other vehicles southbound. The landscapes began with endless hay fields and hills lined with snow fences slowly turning to spectacular mountain ranges and canyons in a variety of colors. Wind River Indian Reservation was breathtaking. We saw our first snow-capped mountain near the horizon in Casper, WY and spotted herds of mule deer and pronghorn throughout the drive. The kids chased a few desert cottontails at a rest area.

The city of Cody is named after Buffalo Bill Cody.  It appears to be a small tourist town similar to Cedarburg or Ruidoso, full of quaint shops, cafes, breweries and other fun places. It is a nice place to rest for the night.