embracing the unknown

Exactly five years ago, I woke up and left my home in Mexico, not knowing if I would be coming back.

I had a trip pre-scheduled as an independent contractor for international communications. The night before my departure, my husband, Natán, shared details of a security situation that occured. My husband, I and the other missionary couple living in Puebla, Mexico needed to leave temporarily.

I said good-bye to Natán at the airport, not knowing where or when I would see him again with the remote thought “if” I would ever see him again. During my flight, I wrote pages and pages of thoughts, hopes, and most importantly prayers to God.

After I departed, my husband and fellow missionaries left Puebla to spend a few days in Mexico City. During that time, I shared our current situation with my parents and no one else. Those days were rough, being apart from my husband and not knowing what was happening.

As details transpired, the decision was made to depart Puebla permanently. Natán and I were reunited when he arrived safely to Milwaukee, Wisconsin days later.  It was an extremely joyful day for me!

We waited to find out, ‘what’s next.’  Three months later, my husband’s role in Latin America missions and our residency were determined so we could move forward.

The first year was a challenge for me as a missionary wife, no longer living overseas and not fitting in or belonging in the USA. Six months of living out of suitcases and staying with family and friends was a blessing, but also a struggle. ‘When can we go home? Where are we going to serve?  Where are we going to live? What are we going to do?’  The uncertainty was a daily struggle. It brought us closer together as a couple rooted in Christ, drawing us nearer to our Savior.

Today, our lives are drastically different than five years ago. The dust settled and we adapted to our new role and location. Now we are on the move again… with two toddlers!

We are thankful to the Lord for his deliverance and guidance. We cling to the one thing that remains the same, salvation in our Savior and enjoy sharing that confidence with everyone we meet. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!



Adapted & reposted from previous blogsite “Jesus, Lead Us On.”


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