one step forward, two steps back

This month is full of “to do” lists.  It seems that every time I cross one thing off my list, two or three more things are added.  The major categories include: declutter and clean house to sell, follow up on quotes from moving companies, find a furnished short-term place to live, investigate storage options, sort & deliver donations to women’s shelter, take my son to the ER after a fall at the playground, play phone tag with family about dad’s knee surgery & post op complications, say good-bye to good friends, wrap up medical and therapy appointments, etc…

As an organized perfectionist… this is not an easy task.  I know my accomplishments are endless each day, but all I can think of are all the things I haven’t done yet. Have you ever been here?

Well… this week I reached a major turning point. With much prayer, I’ve been working hard to ‘Let go & let God.” It is much easier to say than put into practice. I find myself filling each day with little prayers of thanksgiving for little triumphs and requests for strength, patience, understanding and perseverance. Long pauses and deep breaths are also highly recommended!

The Lord has sprinkled little bits of love and kindness to me. A favorite song on the radio. A voicemail from a special friend. Text messages from old and new friends. Emails from members from our new congregation. Encouragement from local friends. Tight hugs from my babies. Help from family. Bible verses reminding me to trust in the Lord. All these things put smiles on my face and pure joy in my heart!

We have a week and a half left of this whirlwind till we embark upon our new cross-country adventure!  Stay tuned for more.

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